Peugeot e-Legend: A Radical Look to the Future

A few days ago, a dark picture escaping the new concept from Peugeot, France, leaked to the internet. Now the complete finished car has also appeared on the Internet and we have to slip. Only in the field of unsalable unique concepts, however, Peugeot wiped out the eyes of the world. The new e-Legend is a stunning tribute to the historic 504 Coupé, whose Pininfarina studio worked in the 1960s.

Peugeot has already earned some truly magnificent concepts for its history. There was a SR1 coupe from 2010, a flat-bottomed Onyx from 2012, or a four-door Exalt sedan from 2014, but a musculature coupé with a retro touch can overcome all that. The muscular e-Legend has everything we want from a car – a long straight bonnet, wide fenders, an optically low nose, and a sleek cabin line with a short suitcase.

On the one hand, there is a lot of references to the past and the aforementioned Peugeot 504 Coupé, but on the other hand, Peugeot shows where the development of its design could be directed in the future. After all, tiny similarities can be seen when compared to the Peugeot 508, which just entered the market.

However, the exterior of the e-Legend enjoys tremendous enthusiasm for us, the interior has given us a slight embarrassment. Yes, there are absolutely great retro seats in blue velor, but this is probably the only fine element. The rest of the interior makes us feel desperately flat and sterile, which is due to its ergonomics. It is a concept, of course, so the main goal was to charge the car with technologies up to the ceiling. So the inner space occupies 16 displays placed in everything and everything. They’re in the door panels like alarm clocks in front of the driver, in the shades, on the control panel on the right hand, but the big dashboard is one big one. The diagonal of the largest curved display in front of the crew is impressive 124 centimeters.

And where the displays are dozens, there is also a vision of autonomous control. The steering column, along with the pedals, hides in the interior and the car can control itself. Two of the four driving modes are reserved for autonomous control. In the Soft mode, the crew should relax and only a minimum of information is displayed on the displays, then Sharp will link the driver with its social networks, calendar and other essentials. In short, exactly what no one needs in a car.

Fortunately, not all control is over. With two modes of autonomy, Peugeot also offers two modes of manual steering. Legend mode offers a classic ride with a look at the digitally processed 504 Coupé retro alarm clocks, then the Boost mode gives all the power of the motors and projects the road on the huge display at 180 degrees. Which is somewhat redundant due to the fact that the car’s windshield still works very well… Again, what a concept it would be if there were not at least a few surpluses.

When we have already typed the electric motors, it is obvious to everyone that the normal piston aggregate will be in vain under the hood. The modern green-electric doctrine commands the torch drive, and all the marks must jump accordingly. But that doesn’t mean that the e-Legend is not impressive. So far an unknown number of electric motors transmits power to all four wheels, the total power is 462 hp and torque even 800 N.m. An electric coupe can do a hundred in four seconds, a maximum of 220 km / h, but it will travel 600 kilometers with a charged 100 kWh battery according to the WLTP measurement cycle. Charging is so fast that in 25 minutes, you will “fill up” the empty batteries of the new 500 kilometers.

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