This is what a modern Tatra might look like. How do you like it?

Currently Tatra only produces trucks, but one of the oldest automakers in the world, of course, has a rich tradition in the production of cars.

The first was introduced in 1897 – the Präsident model is thus one of the world’s first cars. In 1923 Tatra 10 appeared, followed by a number of other cars, including the well-known aerodynamic models T 77 or T 87.

Under socialism, Tatra had to produce only “loud” limousines. And with the limousine, the production of cars with a traditional logo is over. In 1998, the last specimen of Tatra 700 came out of Kopřivnice.

It was Tatra 700 that served as a model for interesting illustrations of the Russian portal, which the last Tatra personalist tried to revive. We can see how Tatra could look like today.

There are several well-known details on the car, such as round headlamps, a front grille, and narrow rear lights. The illustration also includes a traditional TATRA concept with a rear engine, so the boot lid is placed high.

Of course, the overall proportions are much more modern compared to Tatra 700 and due to the low silhouette, narrow windows, long wheelbase, large wheels or even the four tailpipes, it is also much more sporty.

How do you like this vision?

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