LKT 81 – wheeled tractor for woodworking in the woods

LKT or a wheeled wheeled tractor known under the nickname “lakatoš” is a articulated tractor designed for woodworking in the woods. It has been produced in Slovakia in Trstená since 1971.

It has been produced in several different versions and types – LKT 50, 75, 80, 81, 81T, 90, 120, LPKT 40, LKT 81 turbo – the designation corresponds to the engine power of 50 – 120 kW. The current versions of LKT 81 ITL, LKT 81, LKT 82 have more electronics, powered by JCB, ZETOR and IVECO engines.

A model for LKT was the Kockum tractor, Kockum Landsverk AB, Sweden – also articulated, but with lower performance. The LKT’s predecessor was the prototype of a special forest tractor known as the “Jezevec”, which was produced in Křtiny.

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