A Glimpse into the Future of Sustainable EVs, the Polestar Precept

The new all-electric concept 4 door GT from Polestar called Precept is a model for the direction the company plans on heading in the future. As stated on the website, Precept is “a rule intended to inform behavior or thought. In other words, a way of declaring how you mean to proceed.”

The Polestar Precept minimizes the amount of virgin plastics that it takes for production and instead sources as many materials as possible from recycled plastics. Putting a large focus on the interior of the vehicle, they partnered with Bcomp (“natural fiber composite innovator”) to produce interior panels that are 50% lighter and the plastic is reduced by 80% compared to traditional panels.

Precept interior
Image: Polestar

The seats are constructed using a 3D knit material similar to the ones used in the fashion industry. They are made out of 100% recycled yarn from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles, which are cut to the exact size needed to further reduce waste.Video Player00:0005:48

The Precept digital display has a clean design without distractions. New safety features include a proximity sensor that recognizes when the user’s hand is approaching and lights up the controls. The control panel then has a self-dimming feature so the driver’s attention can return to the road. Another integrated safety feature is an eye-tracking system. This feature can follow the driver’s eyes and automatically slow down if the driver appears tired. Precept’s pilot assist system has Google maps built-in, and the display is a “fully contextualized navigation” providing turn by turn guidance.

Precept instrument panel
Image: Polestar

On the outside, the Precept has a front “SmartZone” system equipped where the pilot assist systems camera and multiple safety sensors are located. The headlights feature a quad-lamp “Thor’s hammer” design that their parent company Volvo is known for. The glass roof has a fixed LIDAR, Light Detection and Ranging system, for assisted navigation.

All glass roof on the Precept
Image: Polestar

The Precept designers eliminated a rear window and replaced them with side and rear wide-angle cameras. This is a strange feature, but one that I think would add to the safety, especially at night, when the lack of a window would help shield from blinding headlights.

Windowless rear end on the Polestar Precept
Image: Polestar

Precept aims to redefine luxury in the sustainable age using high tech minimalism, and setting the new standard for Polestar moving forward. Sustainability is not limited to the electric drivetrain, instead, it’s looked at in every facet of the Precept’s design. Polestar design chief Maximilian Missoni describes the future for Polestar.

The combination of sustainable materials and high-tech smart systems opens an entirely new chapter of avant-garde luxury design and shows where Polestar is heading.

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