AMG are not just fast cars, but even faster ships

You may not know it, but Mercedes AMG has been working for 11 years to build sports boats that come from hell. Because of their development and production, AMG works with Cigarette Racing and their work is definitely worth a closer look. On this boat you just want to spend at least part of your vacation.

Years of continued cooperation have two things in common. The first one is extreme speed, the second one in some great AMG. This time, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S, a four-door limousine, has been chosen to tear asphalt into pieces. Similarly, it is the ship that reigns at sea and is named 41 ’AMG Carbon Edition. But do not think that the super boat and Mercedes AMG have a common painting. That would be a little desperate.

In addition to color design, they also have a sophisticated yet lightweight design. Just like a car, the boat is partly made of carbon parts, thanks to which it boasts light weight, high strength and an ideally located center of gravity, making it great handling. Compared to previous Cigarette Racing ship models, this innovation is up to 250 kilograms lighter, which is a big leap.

The fuselage of the ship is 12.5 meters long, with great emphasis on weight combined with maneuverability. The reason is simple. At sea, it reaches speeds of up to 142 km / h, an incredible blow. They can do it with four eight-cylinder Mercury Racing 400Rs, which together produce breathtaking 1600 hp. And by the way, the frantic speed can handle up to 20 passengers on board. We are just afraid that not all will stand up to the stomach and snack in place. We wouldn’t rather try it.

But Mercedes AMG also signed on the beautiful boat in the interior. It is upholstered with the same leather as the AMG GT, including seams and even several controls. But we’ll go back to painting. A brand new red color has been developed for the car as well as the boat, which you can see in the photos. She appeared on both “body” and both interiors. No other car from Mercedes will ever get it, and we assume no other ship will. The price of the boat has not yet been published, but past models, which were the result of Mercedes AMG’s collaboration with Cigarette Racing, were around $ 1.3 million.

However, the boat could still be a little more expensive with regard to the materials used, but this will certainly not bother the boat’s customers. The news was unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show, where it was a great success. In fact, we are not surprised. It’s really perfect!

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