Arabic police have a new toy! Extreme Lykan HyperSport

If you look for the most expensive, fastest and most exclusive police fleet, head to the United Arab Emirates. It is there that they can pursue their occupation behind the steering wheels of the world’s best cars. A few days ago another addition was added to this very privileged party. Very special Lykan HyperSport.

Some police cars are extremely interesting. In Italy, for example, police officers use the Lamborghini home car. In France, the super fast Alpine A110 rides in France, and the Dutch police are driving C8 in Spyker. You can find out more about all these police specials in the article below. Today we will remain exclusively with the Abu Dhabi police, which, like the Dubai one, has become famous around the world with its fleet. But it is not just a whim of local members.

Because traders and sheikhs ride solely the most expensive and exclusive ones, the police couldn’t stay in some old weeds that could handle the hot climate. In addition, the Arab Emirates are frequently visited by tourists, so the police force needs to be shown in the best possible light. Indeed, the choir does not use all those super cars to chase thieves and other elements. The task of all these cars is mainly to do the best and to promote the police and her work. And that is great for them – that’s why they appeared in Gym Block Gymnastics Ken Block.

A very special Lykan HyperSport will now be able to do this task. This special hypersport was built only 7 pieces by W Motors, which is in the Arab Emirates at home. You know her work quickly and frantically, so far, where one of the main characters jumped with him from the skyscraper. However, although he is the creator of a car from the United Arab Emirates, the name Lykan originates in Transylvanian mythology, where the mysterious werewolf was named.

The car itself also looks almost mythological and dangerous. W Motors is definitely not afraid of distinctive design and it’s good. The drive unit is also interesting. It has a lot to do with the Stuttgart Porsche, especially the RUF CTR3. It is a six-cylinder with two turbochargers, whose output was up to 740 hp and 960 Nm of torque. Thanks to these parameters, it is able to literally shoot in 2.8 seconds from standstill to 100 km / h, and the maximum speed in the takeoff stops at 385 km / h. It also attracts the fact that the car weighs only 1,400 kilograms.

Lykan HyperSport is one of the fastest police cars in the world thanks to its presence at the Dubai Police. And certainly one of the most exclusive, perhaps just because car headlights are partially unloaded by diamonds. And so is the interior. You may recognize yourself that everybody wants to do police work in the United Arab Emirates. Just for the beautiful cars!

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