Do you know the coupe BT 133 RS? We would like to see this interpretation of the Škoda 130 RS on the road!

The Škoda 130 RS is one of the most admired cars of the Czech car manufacturer. Similarly, the civilian version 110 R, on which this version is based.

The elegant rear-engine coupe began to be manufactured in August 1970, one year after the production of the 100/110 related model.

By the way, a lot of interesting facts about the Škoda 100/110, which is currently celebrating its 50th birthday, can be read in this article:

But let’s go back to 130 RS. Surely you know that this legend of the 1970s tried to revive Hoffmann & Novague a few years ago, which created its modern interpretation with technology from the Audi R8. The car, also intended as a tribute to the Škoda 200 RS racing special, was named HN R200. Since 2016, at least two copies have been produced, possibly more than three.

However, Mr. Petr Novague and Mr. Marek Hoffmann are certainly not the only ones who have tried to transfer the Škoda Coupé to modern times – even though they have moved farthest.

A slightly forgotten vision is the idea of ​​the Czech studio Bété from 2014. The project is called BT 133 RS and it is quite possible that you have not heard of it yet – perhaps because unlike HN R200 was a design exercise that did not materialize . Unfortunately!

The Bété coupe looks great, even today, after five years. The creators of the virtual car were especially aware of the characteristics of the Škoda 130 RS – the car was supposed to be small, light, with a rear engine and rear-wheel drive. Definitely not a supersport, more a sports car.

According to the designers, the BT 133 RS was “a celebration of soul cars that were built for pure driving pleasure”.

The predecessor of the concept is also followed by a low center of gravity, a wide body, a negatively inclined rear of the car, round headlights and horizontally mounted tail lights.

The line to Škoda 110 R leads through license plates – the vision of the BT 133 RS was created as an idea of ​​a “civilian” coupe, not a racer.

So how do you like it?


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