Cars that could be topless

You wanted to see them topless or even drive, but you never did? Some convertibles remain a dream of sun-drenched travel. Which are they? Here is a list of several factory cars that should be produced topless

Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ without a roof is the dream of almost every gasoline madman.

Subaru BRZ, along with sister derivatives from Toyota, is one of the most entertaining affordable coupes in the world. The combination of a flat boxer front engine and a rear-wheel drive simply works and teaches non-violent driving lovers to drive. Now imagine that you could experience every corner with side skid and fresh air around you – amazing imagination, right?

Tesla Model S

Electric convertible? In the US, you can make one to order.

Elon Musk steps forward in front of a tense audience, and a fully electric Tesla convertible is drawn from under the sail. In a few seconds, the blanket is down and the Model S in the Cabrio version will see the light. Sure, this is a dream of an electromobility enthusiast who has wasted too much money to spend on useless cars. The factory does not meet him in series, but one North American adjuster yes.


Beauty vanity.

Although many people swear at the Munich SUV and hate their drivers (many times legitimately), they cannot deny the fact that they sell well. The sporty X6 would deserve an open-roof version, although it would certainly be an expensive and extravagant car. Some people just need to show off their position, and for that, the beautiful uselessness of the SUV-convertible is perfectly ideal.

Kia Stinger GT

Kia Stinger GT and BMW Z4? This is the descendant of a wild couple.

If you wanted to embellish the phenomenal Gran Turismo Kia Stinger in a compact travel roadster, you would have to cross it with the BMW Z4. According to the Hungarian virtual studio X-Tomi, the result would look something like this. With the notion that a 3.3-liter six-cylinder engine is working under the hood, producing a captivating sound, we have a really strong desire to sit behind the wheel of the depicted machine. So, do you like the Kia Stinger Z4 Roadster?

Suzuki Jimny

How many people would buy Jimny without a roof? Not much, but we still want to see it in mass production.

Such a cute squirt in the field, that would be if he had a tarpaulin, wouldn’t he? So far, this is just a wild idea of ​​compact off-road lovers who prefer two rigid axles and a frame foundation. On the other hand, we do not think that small off-road cabriolets on the market are getting caught up – after all, it is already a dying segment. However, we should have one solution – buy an old Lada Niva, because it was produced in a version without a fixed roof for a short time.

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R without roof? Japanese wonderfulness is just a dream.

The dream of a supersport night, when you arrive at the night meeting of car enthusiasts in the Japanese Supercabriolet and leave most of the cars behind, with the typical look of the four round tail lamps, will probably never happen. We can just enjoy the graphic render of a fan who would like to see the Nissan GT-R cruising on the roads without a hard headgear.

Škoda Octavia

What will the new generation of the Octavia without a roof look like? Maybe just like that!

We have to wait a while to unveil the fourth generation of the best-selling Skoda cars in the Czech Republic, but the virtual designer Theophilus Chin has an idea for you right now in the convertible version. It is very likely, and almost certain, that such a model will never be produced in series. So who knows how an otherwise practical liftback or middle-class estate would sell in a shameful variant…

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

This is how an Argentinian designer imagines a crazy alpha without a roof.

Every greedy Italian would probably want to buy this car – if he could. If you truly love driving, there is little to mind with the modern Alfa Romeo. But if you are a healthy-minded person, you will only keep the dream of renowned unreliability and driving passion in your head. But what if a racing DNA car was also made as a convertible? The idea of ​​an Argentinian designer shows what it would look like. Not much for us, we prefer serial status.

Volkswagen Arteon

German art on wheels – Arteon meaning?

The coupe-style limousine from the German Volkswagen Group is one of the most beautiful cars ever. However, it is produced in only one body variant, which is a pity. When you need a spacious estate – reach for the Passat, but what if you want a spacious stylish estate? Then you should go spend your accumulated payouts on the Arteon Estate, which does not exist. And if you love freedom and the sun over your head? Dream on Arteon Cabrio…

Dacia Duster

Cheap cabriolet? We would look for him at Dacia, but unfortunately …

The problem with most new convertibles is the fact that they are almost meaninglessly expensive. And who makes decent, affordable and purpose-built cars? After all, Romanian Dacia. So we would expect the cheapest cabriolet for them, but we are not likely to see it. Therefore, we offer a graphical vision of what would be the most successful model of a brand without a solid roof. That it will slash the new Duster?

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