Ferrari 328 – slightly different restomod

The American company Casil Motors is dedicated to refurbishing and modifying the Ferrari 328. At the end of last year, it first appeared at the SEMA tuning show in the US with its specially adapted Ferrari 328 GTS, now we are finally getting to know more and more details. For example, it will be a very sophisticated and exclusive affair for a few choosen.

Specifically, there will be 30 very special and tailor-made pieces. Casil Motors will start by providing the donor Ferrari 328 with a custom bodykit consisting of a combination of carbon and kevlar. Its shapes clearly refer to the iconic 288 GTO.

In this particular piece, the bodykit was covered with a special gray varnish – gray is, at the moment, “IN”. All this is set on the rims stylized in the so-called “retra” and under it all surprisingly hides the air chassis. However, as with Singer, which specializes in Porsche 911, Casil Motors will also allow its clients to tailor their cars to their tastes.

Rather than being tuners, they consider themselves to be “manufacturers specializing in the production of ultra-exclusive super-car supercar”, so there is no stone left behind under the hood, with 3.2 V8 in the midst of extensive modifications such as suction, exhaust, throttle and much more. , so the performance reaches an appealing 400 horsepower.

The individualization and free hand of the client does not apply only to the bodywork, the “fun” can be said in the interior as well – leather, Alcantara, sports steering wheel, seat seats… the imagination is not limited. The same is true for the price. For the time being, we haven’t learned how much Casil Motors actually charges for such a refurbishment and refurbishment, but given the scale and detail of car modifications, it’s definitely going to be a big package. After all, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it …

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