Harley-Davidson’s future Plans? More Electric Bikes

Harley-Davidson recently released the LiveWire, the company’s first electric motorcycle, now they have unveiled plans for a new electric model currently referred to as “Mid Power.”

Harley has been trying to entice younger generations and come up with new designs that will attract more new riders. Perhaps one way to do this is to join the global movement to reduce carbon emissions and create more eco-friendly electric motorcycles.

Alternate Mid Power Concept Design
Alternate Mid Power Concept Design. Credit: Harley-Davidson

Unlike the LiveWire, these latest sketch designs for the upcoming Mid Power don’t look like a typical Harley design. The rendering has a flat tracker body style with passenger footpegs. The bike boasts a smaller LED headlight, a slightly larger battery pack, and front and rear disc brakes.

The timeline for the new electric Harley is still unknown, but they have been talking about this for more than a year now. Given the dip in sales they have been facing, one would think they will try to produce this bike at least by 2021.

Harley-Davidson concept electric scooter
Harley-Davidson concept electric scooter. Credit: Harley-Davidson

In my opinion, one of the main drawbacks of the LiveWire is the $30,000 price tag. While it’s great that Harley got on board the electric motorcycle market, the high price is not realistic to make a big impact.

Hopefully, this new Mid Power bike will be considerably less expensive, giving people who care about the planet an eco-friendly option, while sporting the Harley-Davidson name.

Harley Concept electric bicycle

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