Is SKODUKI for sale?

In Britain, a hybrid of Felicia and Octavia was established. It has two engines and its name is Skoduki.

  • The basis of the conversion is Felicia Pick-Up from 1995
  • The front games evoke Octavia RS Mk.III
  • Two Suzuki engines work under the custom-made bonnet

The British company Bennett Built Motorsport in cooperation with GJP Fabrications built an extremely interesting pick-up for the Czech car fan, based on the Felicia Pick-Up model from 1995. However, only the cab was preserved from this “worker”, the rest of the car of the aforementioned British car companies.

Although the entire building is based on a Felicia pick-up, the shapes, especially the front, are largely inspired by the third-generation Škoda Octavia RS before the facelift. This car comes with lights and a bumper, but the bonnet, like the mudguards, is an absolutely unique thing that GJP Fabrications made. The reason the front bonnet does not come from the Octavia RS Mk.III is because the 1.3-liter atmospheric four-cylinder engine does not work under the front bonnet as it used to, but two Suzuki four-cylinder engines, specifically the Swift Sport. Therefore, this interesting hybrid got the name Skoduki.

Engines from the sports Swift are not connected in series, but in parallel, and it seems that each of them will drive one of the axles. This is, moreover, illustrated by the differential applied to the tax axle. However, the fact that it will not be a great racing special, clearly proves the location of one of the four-cylinder engines significantly before the front shock absorbers.

A few days ago Bennett Built Motorsport facebook page posted a picture of silent auction card with Skoduki. Should it be a chance for a rich buyer?

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