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Lamborghini Diablo. For many today, the symbol of speed, strength, brutality and the very essence of Lamborghini. Many of us think of the mythical Diablo when we say “Lamborghini”. Did you say what a magnificent sight it was when the first owners picked up their Diablo as new? Now you have the opportunity – this piece, which is currently for sale, has only 403 km.

Ten years after the iconic Countach influenced the scene and the market of supersports forever, the engineers at Sant’Agata Bolognese decided it was time to start working on the successor. Diablo was introduced to the world for the first time in early 1990, when criticism particularly appreciated the clean bodywork, performance, and actually the overall step forward in all respects compared to the predecessor. Behind the rear seats was a massive 5.7l twelve-cylinder DOHC valve and 48 valves with electrically controlled fuel injection. That was enough for 485 horsepower and 580 Nm of heavy torque, making Diablo capable of a hundred in 4.5 seconds. Under the soundtrack, of course.

Lamborghini then hesitated for a long time to increase performance. But then there were also Ferrari F50 and Bugatti EB110, which were more than equal rivals. The answer was just Diablo SE30, which you see in the photos. It was then founded as a celebration of the thirty-year anniversary of Lamborghini and was essentially a race car approved for road traffic.

And it is good to say that SE30 has gone through a lot of progress compared to the original version. It was brutal as a tiger loaf, despite the fact that it had a rear-wheel drive compared to Diablo VT. As if it was too little, it also underwent many changes in the engine compartment. It was given a new suction and exhaust pipe, as well as a new fuel system, which boosted performance to a full-fat 525 hp. The SE30 also had adjustable stabilizers, where the driver chose between settings that could be called “sports” and “very sporty”, which could not be used anywhere but on the track. In addition, the SE30 body had most of the carbon body panels and racing brakes were behind the lightweight OZ Racing Magnesium wheels.

The scales then stopped at 1,430 kg, making Diablo still not a ballet dancer, but it was still a substantial 136 kg lighter than a standard version and a full 181 kg lighter than a four-wheel drive VT. To make the SE30 light enough, the dullest version of the Road Diablo was not enough to get just a few carbon panels and lighter wheels, but had to get rid of all the comforts of the equipment, such as air conditioning, power steering, Alpine audio and adjustable leather seats. Instead, carbon “ear” shells with four-point belts have settled in the interior. Even the electric windows were removed and replaced only by a plexiglass slide.

This SE30 is only 403 kilometers long, so technically it is a new car – making it a real rarity and a perfect time machine that will take you to a time when everyone couldn’t drive a supercar. Driving cars like Diablo and his similar machines required strength, determination, and a firm hand. In addition, all the original documents and tools are still on the car. And while it’s in a fairly subtle silver Titan with a contrasting black interior, anything will be just inconspicuous. Its price is now estimated at 395 to 495 thousand euros.

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