MAD MAX cars gallery

A selection of Cars, Trucks and Bikes photographed over three weeks prior to the filming of Mad Max Fury Road.

Where are they now ?

After filming in Namibia , South Africa vehicles that were required for filming the Citadel and end chase scenes were shipped back to Sydney Australia.
The remaining vehicles were destroyed by crushing in Cape Town to avoid incurring a government import / export tax
When filming was about to take place in 2003 cars were shipped to Namibia but never used , some of those vehicles were sold to members of the public and an accident occurred and a man died.
Filmakers were determined not to let this happen again as the cars were never meant to be ” roadworthy ” for daily use , so all unusable vehicles were destined for the crusher , despite crew members trying to save a couple
A sad fate for some true works of art.

The vehicles shipped back to Sydney were used to complete the filming of the movie and were showcased at an event at the Sydney Opera House forecourt on the day of the movie premiere where the public had a chance to get up close and personal with them.
There was talk of a travelling Mad Max stunt show involving these remaining vehicles but until that happens they are all stored away somewhere in the back blocks of Sydney , Australia.

Surviving cars are in storage in Australia:
*2 x War Rigs
*2 x Gigahorse
*Doof Wagon
*2 x Nuxcar
*Razor Cola
*Max’s Interceptor
*Convoy 1 Elvis
*Convoy 2 Jaguar
* Caltrop #3 Cranky Frank
*Polecat 7 Buick
*Polecat 6 Surfari
*Polecat 3 Oldsmobile
*Clawcar 1 Ford F350 and a few bikes

In private hands:
*Buzzard 5 ( Australia) *Polecat 4 ( given to a crew member in Africa after filming along with a Vuvalini bike
Also the car carrier with contents returned to Australia the body shell from Buggy 11 Lysdexia was up for sale on Ebay recently
The Bigfoot vehicle was stripped of its body shell and the chassis returned to being a monster truck again

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