The largest truck in the world ETF Mining Equipment

The world’s largest truck with a load capacity of 760 tons

Slovenian company ETF Mining has built the world’s largest mining truck, built on an innovative, modular scheme.

Dump trucks with a payload capacity of 760 tons and even more may soon go to work. The company ETF Mining Equipment from the Slovenian city of Maribor built an innovative machine, the highlight of which is the modular layout.

As a result, a mining truck, like a LEGO designer, can be completed in 15 minutes with a wheel loader and additional batteries using a loader.

In addition, the driver’s cab can be dismantled, and use the car as a trailer as part of a giant trailer. The total number of axes of a mining truck is from two to eight. Load capacity from 180 to 760 metric tons. The length of the machine varies from 12.5 to 29 meters.

The most interesting thing is that all the wheels are driven and controlled, which makes the car super-maneuverable. The turning radius of the biaxial section is 20.7 m, and the eight-axle section is 40.9 m. This career giant needs a road just 24 m wide, which is 3.6 – 7.2 m less than for the existing equipment of a similar class.

So far, the machine from ETF Mining Equipment exists in a single, 5-axis version. It is expected that in the near future she will enter sea trials in a real career.

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