The most amazing stunts on two and four wheels

Here’s our list of fantastic stunts by Travis Pastrana, Ivan Cervantes, Robbie Maddison and more.

We’ve raided Red Bull’s archive of clips and videos to bring you a highlight reel of amazing stunts and jaw-dropping tricks by the likes of Travis Pastrana, Ivan Cervantes, Levi Lavallee, Julien Dupont, Ronnie Renner and Robbie Maddison.

Last week, reigning Red Bull X-Fighters world tour championJosh Sheehan set a new record by pulling the first triple back flip on an FMX bike. Already supremely skilled at backflips, he had been working on the move at Travis Pastrana’s Maryland home with the Nitro Circus crew. Suddenly there’s a new vocabulary for FMX tricks.

Renner rules the air: he’s the king of FMX Step Up, raising the bar higher and higher each year, and dominating the event at the X Games. Way back in 2008 he set a new world record for highest air out of a quarter pipe, pulling a huge whip as he flew 18m (59ft 2in) off a quarterpipe on Santa Monica pier in California, USA. The following year, he did it again,setting a new Step Up world record in Chicago. But for this clip, shot at Red Bull Raising the Bar in Atlanta, Georgia, Rendawg brought the cameras along for the ride so you can journey with him and experience a Renner big air from Ronnie’s POV.

Alex Kolesnikov’s Russian revolution

If you look up now you’ll see Russian FMX rider Alexey Kolesnikov backflipping over the Kamaz truck of Vladimir Chagin.The ramp for the 8.5-tonne Kamaz truck was formed out of 500 tonnes of dirt. The height of the ramp was 2.5 meters, and the gap from the separation point to the landing was 12 meters, which is about four-storeys, and the truck’s speed right before the jump was 60kmh.

Travis Pastrana’s Long Beach Lift-off

Here comes the daddy of modern day stunt riding, Travis Pastrana.Watch Pastrana jump his Subaru rally car off the Pine Street Pier onto a floating barge anchored in Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor. The stunt was performed as part of Red Bull New Year. No Limits, a series of events that also included Maddo’s Arc de Triomphe Step Up/Step Down.

Levi Lavallee rides a snowmobile across the sky

Another one from the Red Bull New Year. No Limits files as snowmobile supremo and Nitro Circus regular Levi LaVallee cleared an incredible 110 meters (361ft) while preparing for his New Year world record snowmobile distance jump in San Diego. Snowmobiling in San Diego? Yeah, you read that right.

Olympic gold for Robbie Maddison

Robbie Maddison has made a habit of defying the odds and taking FMX and stunt riding to new heights. He’s set a new world record for jump distance, he’s backflipped over Tower Bridge in London and Greece’s Corinth Canal. Oh yeah, and he was James Bond in Skyfall. For the purposes of this list though, we’ll take his thrilling run down the Olympic ski jump ramp at the old winter Olympic site in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, setting a new world record in the process.

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