This is what Maybach S 560 looks like with surcharges for nearly $ 100K!

The world of the rich is full of beautiful cars, but the more difficult it is to attract this sort of customer. The luxury division of the Mercedes brand, Maybach, wants to take its place in the sun. The new version of the Mercedes S 560, which has been given a two-tone finish, has been redesigned and even more luxurious.

They say Rolls-Royce has no competition. He is said to be so special and unique that no other brand can match him. It is hard to judge from our position if it really is, but we think there is some form of competition. Yes, we mean Mercedes Maybach, who is famous for being able to get even more from the already luxurious Mercedes. And it is the details and details that ultimately convince the end customer. And in the world of luxury cars, customers are very picky!

The new Maybach S 560 4MATIC will surely fulfill all the expectations, but will also pay for it. And it really is not from the cheap region! In short, it is an improved S-Class, which has been given a number of extra improvements. First and foremost, you will be attracted by a very unconventional but elegant two-color body painting. Although we never bet on it, the two colors on the big body look really good. The creator chose silver and anthracite blue from Maybach manufactories. Such a fancy painting is valued at $ 16,178. Yes, you can have a very nice Skoda Fabia equipped with Maybach for one paint. However, this does not stop there. Maybach also gave this model new 20-inch wheels, worth $ 6,673.

As well as the two-color exterior, the interior is also upholstered in the same shades. Kozeny, how else. But don’t expect it to be just about some skin. Maybach used a special velvet-like calf for which he would say $ 4,111. And with the surcharges, we’re not far off. The new owner will also be able to pay $ 1,456, to receive a TV signal on board the car. The wooden paneling of the dashboard and the door in the piano black version will be converted to about $ 2,400. But there is also a great surcharge audio from Burmester Audiosystems, which will cost $ 7,144.

For all this, the crew will enjoy comfort, tranquility thanks to soundproofing, extremely positioning seats with massage function or cut glasses from the on-board bar equipment. Only the price is really scary – all Maybach’s individual supplements will come to some $ 35,000. For this, it is necessary to add common premium features from Mercedes (night vision, parking assistant, head-up display and much more) for about $ 36,000. The bottom line is that in order to tell you this beautiful Maybach, you have to pay not only nearly $ 160,000 for the car itself, but another nearly $ 100,000 for all the extra charges. But what is unimaginable for us is a world of rich standards. And this is the world Maybach is targeting.

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