Abandoned cars #4 – Trucks

This yellow lorry is Škoda 706 MT which used the frame, engine, and cab of the RT, but was intended for special uses. They were equipped with splitter transmissions and planetary drive rear axles, all to increase max loads.

You can find this lorry as LIAZ 706 MT. That’s because LIAZ (Liberec Automobil Works) is a defunct Czech and Czechoslovak manufacturer of trucks. The company was formed in 1951 by the government as a division of Škoda, incorporating eight other truck manufacturers into a single conglomerate.

On a plain near my house is forgotten something between digger and construction crane. Everybody likes it because it makes beauty of our place and it now just belongs to this place.
If you exactly know name of this, please, let us know in comments.

Slovakia is really nice country. You can find here for example this vintage IFA- ROBUR GARANT K30 – 32. Garant was another truck that belonged to the family of our roadmakers. It was supplied to Czechoslovakia from the former German Democratic Republic, and in its 1950s and 1960s it was probably the most used low tonnage truck in Czechoslovakia.

I found this great “collection” in premises of some company. Škoda 706 RTO is an urban bus produced by bus manufacturer Karosa and Škoda in Czechoslovakia between 1958 and 1972. It was succeeded by Karosa ŠM 11 in 1964. Nowadays you can see fully reconstructed RTO’s. It’s most beautiful bus on the world 🙂

This poland fire engine is FSC ŽUK model A 15.
The Žuk (pl. beetle) was a van and light truck produced in Lublin, Poland, between 1958 and 1998 by FSC. It was based on FSO Warszawa, which in turn was a copy of a Soviet passenger car GAZ-M20 Pobeda.

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