GAZ 21 “Volga” Restoration

Sometime around 2005 I traveled through a small town in southern Slovakia. There was such a small grandmother on the sidewalk, probably a local resident, so I slowed down and asked if she knew of any old car in the countryside. She told me that her neighbor had something in the barn. And it was true.

That old gentleman showed it to me. It was the “Empress” of the Soviet highway. The word gave the word, and I took it away.

And so I had Volga / GAZ 21 / Во́лга ГАЗ-21 – 2nd series 1958 in my garage.
It is a Soviet upper-class car, unofficially also called Carevna.

Volga was one of the most prestigious cars on the market and was used mainly by state-owned employees or as a public safety car in Czechoslovakia.

There is four-cylinder engine with an aluminum block and OHV volume of 2432 cm3 and power 52 kW.
I intended to fix it in the shortest time, but sometimes people mean and life changes. The work was overhead, and my Empress was still in the garage.

My brother came up with a suggestion to me after few years. He wanted to fix Volga and use it at his wedding.

I agreed.

I’ve spent a lot of time on it, but I think it’s worth it. Judge for yourself how the old Russian limo – or the Carevna – has become from the old duck.

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