Challenger Terra-Gator TG9300B Farmer Ag-Chem Equipment

Challenger Terra-Gator 802 Airmax Precision 2 . It is the world’s first application machine to take advantage of the advantages of AGCO’s variable-ratio gearbox (CVT). This design is the industry leader and provides an unmatched level of control over the machine, maximum efficiency and lower operating costs.

The Citius 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 8.4 liters and a maximum output of 360 hp supplied by AGCO SISU POWER is perfectly matched to the TechStar transmission. This engine achieves very low fuel consumption and has already proven itself in the Challenger 2244 and the AGCO tractor and combine harvester series. The optimum fuel burning process is achieved by using common-rail direct injection, four-valve cylinder design and the SisuTronic electronic control system using the CANbus bus. Ideally, this system works with the Power Management function, which reflects an immediate response to changing operating conditions and engine load.

The maximum power output is 360k at 2,000 rpm, with a nominal output of 335k at 2,200 rpm. The engine achieves peak performance at low engine speeds, which contributes to low fuel consumption. The economy of operation further improves the massive – 40% increased torque, reaching its maximum 1 492 Nm at 1 500 rpm and 1 068 Nm at 2 200 rpm.

The aluminum cooler block, which is the result of AGCO’s own design, ensures an optimum engine operating temperature through a variable speed fan that is equipped with a viscous clutch and adjusts the airflow to the engine load. All radiators, ie the engine cooler, the charcoal cooler, the gearbox heat sink and the air conditioning cooler, are tiltable at an angle of 15 °, allowing for easy access to maintenance.

Fuel tanks with a total capacity of 620 liters provide sufficient capacity for long working days. Fuel refueling is done from both sides by means of locks that are easily accessible from the ground. Refueling into tanks is so safe and less strenuous.

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